Exploitation of Naturism

I have been bothered by the usurping of naturism by the porn industry. I mean it makes sense from a business model – I suppose. Use images of real naturists and their activities, post them on your site and pretend to be a naturist site then invite people to buy your “services” on a porn site.

It’s deception, unethical and when images are taken from real naturist sites without permission – illegal.

Unfortunately many naturists unwittingly promote that very activity by re-posting those very same posts on their own social media when they promote naturism.

Please take a moment, read this very well written post by Mathew McDermott https://www.writenude.com/its-not-promotion-its-exploitation/ and be aware when you visit “naturist” sites that not everyone promoting naturism is doing so with the intent of normalizing non-sexual body freedom nudity.